We have been blessed with a lot of new snow. We received 18 inches of new snow here at Trailshead from Monday to Tuesday and up to 30 inches or more northeast of us. We are to get 2 to 5 inches tonight into tomorrow. The trails are in awesome shape. There is a lot of snow out there!! More snow in the forecast for next week as well. Temps will be warmer this Friday (37) and Saturday (41). Last weekend it was 42 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and didn’t do much for damage. All the tracks have been covered up. It is like a new playground out there.

Just a heads up, both of our plows are down, we are in the process of fixing the them and trying to buy a new one, at this point, the lot across the road from us is NOT plowed, but people have been able to get in and out of there yet at this point. There is another lot a mile down the road across from Hardy Guard Station if you would like to park there.