We received 6 inches of new snow yesterday. That makes around 15 inches of new snow in the last week. It is still snowing lightly and supposed to snow through Friday. Temps will be in the teens and 20’s. More snow in the forecast for next week as well.

Viewers have been frustrated with our web cam. It is working. This is the glory of living off the grid. It is on satellite internet. It is on the biggest data program we can purchase for it. It usually only lasts part of the month and then the speed drops dramatically, that is why it won’t come up. When you do get the image to come up, please don’t keep it open all day long, it eats the data up. Be courteous and look at it and then back out, so we can save the data throughout the month. The data will be renewed here this week sometime.

If everyone could help us and encourage our governor and/or representatives that we need fiber out here, our internet would last longer and we would be able to share it as well. With no cell service out here and unable to share our WiFi, because there isn’t any to share, it is a huge public safety issue. We have contacted more than one cell company to offer free land for a tower, and have expressed the big public safety issue, but we get no response.