It has gotten up to 42 for the last 2 days and will continue with that temp through Monday. Temps will drop again on Tuesday with snow in the forecast for Monday night through Friday (12th). That’s what the pattern has been all winter. It gets warm, then snows Tuesday through Thursday, about a foot over the 3 days. It has done that about every 2 weeks since the Dec 22nd.

There are still a lot of riders out there. They are telling me the trails are holding up. They are getting soft as the day goes on and getting thin in places. I plan to post some pictures of what it is like out there later today on our FB page. I have riders going out to do that for us, so you can see what it looks like out there rather than just pictures of the lodge area. We are working on getting a new webcam. I will let you know when it is up and running.

The news this morning said we have a 2 foot snow depth. It is deeper in the trees, from what the off trail riders are telling me. We hope to get a lot of snow next week to extend our season through at least most of March.