Today is the last official day that the snowmobile trails are open.  It still looks more like Christmas out there rather than Easter.  We have gotten 11 inches of new snow this week.  Riders are telling us that the trails are still good, mainly south and they are still off trail riding in places as well.  After today, if you have your own sled, you are still allowed to go out and ride.  You are supposed to stay off the private ground area, which is marked in white on the trail maps. You will be on your own.  The trails aren’t maintained after today nor will anyone be out there to help you, if you need it.

The UTV/ATV trails do not open until May 15.  We will not rent out our side by sides until then.  You can still call and reserve for the May 15 or anytime after that. We do provide detailed maps with suggested routes with our rentals.  We do sell these maps, if anyone else would like to purchase them. We also have the free forest off road vehicle maps here as well. We will not be selling the OFF road permits this year.  The Forest Service has changed their ways and has made it very difficult for us to do this.  I am not sure if there will be many others selling them as well.  You will have to buy them on line or stop at one of their sites that sell these maps. You can go to to purchase these on line or find out where their sites are located at.  This is the website to go to find all the rules and regulations of your UTV/ATV.  It will explain about being licensed for a road and trails and how to get your off road vehicle licensed for road if it isn’t or if you can’t get it licensed in your state.  You can get a temporary pass or an actual license plate for here in SD. They can be purchased at any courthouse in SD.  The courthouse in Deadwood is probably the best place to go.  They are the most familiar with this and sell hundreds of these.

Have a great Easter!