The riding is awesome right now.  Even this April riding is better than it has been in years out here!  You get the best of both worlds right now, great temps and great fresh snow.  We have gotten 8 inches of new snow this week so far and supposed to get another 8 tonight.  The trails aren’t groomed anymore.  The leases through the private ground areas expired March 31st.  We can’t rent snowmobiles right now, but if you have your own sled, you can still go out and ride.  It is marked in white where the private ground areas are located, you need to stay off that area.  You can still do a lot of riding south, north, west and some east of us.  We still have plenty of maps here at Trailshead Lodge or you can download if from this website as well.  We are still open for gas, food, and lodging.

We did do some riding in the last 2 days and it was great riding.  It is only better now with the 5 inches of new snow that we got last night and it is still coming down.  I did post some pictures on our facebook page….Trailshead Lodge, if you want to check that out.

The markers are still out on the trails and some signs.  The maps that are located at every intersection are down and 2 of the gates are closed on Trail 3. If you want to stop in a visit about what you can and can’t do, feel free to.  You do still need a trail permit if your sled doesn’t have current or up to date tags.