3-15-21 Snow/Trail Update

4 to 5 inches of new snow yesterday. Chance of more later today and tomorrow. Some Groomers will go out and check for down trees and groom what they can. The wind blew and it filled in nicely in some areas. I believe there is more new snow south of us, towards Mt. Meadow. Haven’t heard back from them on their snowfall amounts. Hill City got 12 inches.

3-12-21 Snow/Trail Update

The trails are still in pretty poor shape. Only 2 inches of new snow on this past Wednesday. We are hoping for a good amount this weekend, starting Saturday night through Sunday night. If we get close to a foot, I am told the groomers will go back out. We do still have some riders out there making the best of it. Temps are supposed to stay in the 20’s and 30’s for the next 10 days or more. So what we get for new snow, we should keep.

3-3-21 Snow/Trail Update

It has gotten up to 42 for the last 2 days and will continue with that temp through Monday. Temps will drop again on Tuesday with snow in the forecast for Monday night through Friday (12th). That’s what the pattern has been all winter. It gets warm, then snows Tuesday through Thursday, about a foot over the 3 days. It has done that about every 2 weeks since the Dec 22nd.

There are still a lot of riders out there. They are telling me the trails are holding up. They are getting soft as the day goes on and getting thin in places. I plan to post some pictures of what it is like out there later today on our FB page. I have riders going out to do that for us, so you can see what it looks like out there rather than just pictures of the lodge area. We are working on getting a new webcam. I will let you know when it is up and running.

The news this morning said we have a 2 foot snow depth. It is deeper in the trees, from what the off trail riders are telling me. We hope to get a lot of snow next week to extend our season through at least most of March.

2-27-21 Snow/Trail Update

We have received at least 10 inches of new snow in the last few days and could get 4-6 starting today. Groomers were out last night. Trails are in great shape. Temps will be in the 20’s and 30’s until next Thursday.

2-18-21 Trail Update

The trails are still in good shape. They were groomed again last night. Temps are going to be in the 20’s. Monday will be a warmer day, in the 30’s, otherwise they will drop down again in the 20’s. We do have some snow in the forecast off and on, not huge amounts, but you never know.

2-14-21 Trail Update

Happy Valentines Day! The trails are still in really good shape all around us. They are being groomed nightly. Temps will be getting back to normal, which is in the 20’s by the middle of this coming week. Still a lot of riders out braving the cold weather.

2-10-21 Webcam

Our webcam is not working and hasn’t been for quite some time. Check out our Facebook page for current pictures of what our area looks like. If anyone knows of a business in this area that installs and services webcams, let us know. Sorry for the inconvenience, it is VERY frustrating for us as well!