The Northern Black Hills is a great area to get away from it all in a beautiful peaceful environment and yet you are still close enough to the other attractions that the Black Hills offers. Trailshead Lodge is a great place for reunions or a group of people to gather and get together. There are 7 cabins on site for you to stay. There is a big banquet room that you can gather in on the backside of the restaurant. The grill is on 7 days a week from 8-8. Premium and unleaded gas is available on site. UTV rentals on site to enjoy the backside and inside of Spearfish Canyon. You are welcome to bring own UTV’s as well. We have a big parking lot for your trailers. You can start right from your cabin. Come see what the beautiful Black Hills has to offer in the spring, summer and fall for the UTV season.

Trailshead is a perfect location to stay if you are hunting as well. We are only 3 miles from the WY border, so if you have a WY license and/or SD license, Trailshead Lodge is a quick access for you to hunt and come back and take a nap if needed and go back out again. We have plenty of ice on hand as well. You don’t have to drive a long ways for your amenities.