Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!  We plan to be closed just for the day and be open the rest of the time.  We are very thankful for the little bit of snow that we do have, but are looking forward to a lot more!! We are hoping to be blessed this year with lots of snow!  We probably have 3 to 4 inches on the ground yet.  It is mostly in the shaded areas.  We have had 50 degree weather, but we seem to hold onto what we have left. The ground must be cold enough to hold on to it. We do have a chance for more snow tonight (11-20-17) and Friday after Thanksgiving.

We are getting new rental sleds this year.  They are still Arctic Cat Trail sleds.  The rental prices are still the same. There are pictures posted on the sled rental page.  The trails don’t open up until Dec 15th and won’t be groomed until the night of the 15th, depending if there is enough snow to groom. We won’t be renting our sleds out until the 16th, again depending on if there is enough snow.

Have a great Thanksgiving and we will be very thankful if we get some snow as well!