We received 4 inches of new snow yesterday, which made riding a great day!  The temps were back down as well.  The trails and off trail are still in good shape up and around us.  Anything east of Dumont is pretty much in poor shape. Far as we know, everything else is holding up.  We are supposed to have about 3 days of 40 degree weather this week.  I think one day will be close to 50.  The temps are supposed to drop back to the 30’s and 50% chance of snow by St. Patrick’s weekend and continue with a chance of snow off and on through that following week.  That is what they are predicting for now.

Right now, riding is still good to really good up and around us. We are still renting sleds as well.  Trails will still be groomed through March 30th if there is enough to groom.