The trails south of Trailshead Lodge and some north aren’t completely to dirt yet.  You can still take trail 1 all the way south to the end of the system. Trail 8, 11, 12B and all around Mallo Camp are good. 2A to 6 to 4 and back to us is good as well. 3 riders rode all the way to Big Hill Lot on 1 north of us and back down 3 to 3B to Trailshead.  That wasn’t bad as well.  It is 54 degrees here today. It is supposed to be 40 tomorrow with 70% chance of rain/snow tomorrow afternoon. Temps back up on Saturday and down on Sunday with 50% chance of rain/snow. Monday’s temps are going to be down with a chance of snow. Temps are going to be up and down next week with a chance of more snow on the weekend over Easter.

It is spring riding right now.  The snow gets pretty mushy in the afternoon. The snowmobile trails are open until March 31st. After that, it is at your own risk.  The trails won’t be maintained and you are supposed to stay off the private ground area.

The UTV trails don’t open up until May 15.

It has been great to see the winter riders and we look forward to seeing you again!!