The trails were groomed last night and they are in pretty awesome shape, especially for this time of the year. We had riders ride up from Deadwood Gultch, Mt Meadow, Spearfish Canyon Lodge, Big Hill Lot, and Buckhorn.  You can get to every bit of the trail system.  It is a quite a bit thinner on 7 and 5C over by 385, due to their ground is warmer than ours and it is harder for them to hold their snow.

It was 43 here yesterday and probably about the same today. We didn’t lose any snow yesterday and most likely won’t with this warm weather. Our ground is good and cold, so we hold our snow and by the time the temps do get up to their highest point, they start dropping as well. The temps are supposed to start dropping on Tuesday. We do have chances of more snow on Tuesday the 18th, Wednesday the 19th, Friday the 21st, Saturday the 22nd and from the 25th to the 30th at this point.  I get my weather from the Weather Network app that can zero in from just a mile from us and it has been very accurate.

Never heard one complaint from all the riders yesterday.  They were very happy with the snow and the weather conditions. A lot of people can’t believe we have snow since Rapid City, Spearfish, and Sturgis don’t have any snow.  We are about 4000 feet higher than them.  We have about a foot of frost in the ground, so we hold our snow.  Everyone down below, their ground doesn’t have much frost in it due to all the warmer temps that they get verses us. We are generally 15 degrees or more colder than Rapid City and sometimes 10 degrees cooler than Lead. We are a different world up here.  You can’t go by the weather down below.