Trails are still good up by us and all around us.  The trails you want to stay away from is Trail 7 and the last stretch of 2 going into Mt. Meadow.  You can get to Mt Meadow by trail 9.  You can get to Cement Ridge, Bill Hill Lot, Spearfish Canyon Lodge, Buckhorn, Recreational Springs, Mt. Meadow, all the way down trail 1, south, to the end of the system and all the way north.

Supposed to be in the upper 30’s this Friday and Saturday, but cloudy.  Our ground is good and cold and still holds our snow on the warm days.  It doesn’t stay up to the high temp very long. Cloudy days help as well. Temps dropping some on Sunday and there is snow in the forecast that day as well. Temps dropping next week and 70% chance of snow next Wednesday, at this point. The weather changes daily and decides to snow when it wants to. The temperature changes usually helps the snow to come.