Looks like snowmobile season is over unless we get a major blizzard yet this spring.  This has been the shortest amount of snowfall since before 1987 or ever.  I only have records since 1987.  The season started early and was really good up to the first part of February and then it died fast!  We are moving forward and getting ready for the UTV season.  You can make your reservations now.  We won’t be able to rent our units out until May 15.  Our trails in our area don’t open up until May 15.  We will be selling the Black Hills Trail permits this year.  I am making our own UTV map that will show the north half on one side and the south half on the other side.  There will be routes that are highlighted, to give you an idea where to go. You can purchase one if you like.  I will have laminated and non-laminated maps.  I am not sure on the price yet until they are completed.  They will be printed soon.

Look forward to seeing everyone again soon and new customers as well!!