As many of you know already, we received over 3 feet of snow on Tues, Nov 29. It has settled some and riders are saying that the base is probably 12-18 inches now. There are many areas that haven’t been touched yet due to the trails not being open until the 15th. You can still ride on the National Forest trails/roads and off trail. You just can’t go on the private ground until the 15th. The contract with the owners doesn’t start until the 15th. All the signs and bridges are not placed yet and the gates are not opened to the private areas as well. The trails will not be groomed until the 15th. The area is being patrolled, so you will want to stay in the areas that you are supposed to stay in. You can stop in at Trailshead Lodge and we can give you a map of where can and can’t ride until the 15th. Your sled either needs to be licensed to ride in the Black Hills Trail System or you will need to buy a temporary pass.

There is another front coming in Monday night thru Tues. We are hoping for more snow then. The temperatures will be staying down, so we will be keeping our snow.

We had quite a few riders out since last Thursday. A lot of people have enjoyed their time and some had issues with rocks. You still have to be careful when you go off trail. This first big snowfall is our base.

It is a beautiful site and exciting to see. You can check out our Facebook page for the pictures of the 1st big snowfall.