Trails are still holding up through the warm weather we had. People are still off trail riding as well. South is still better for Off Trail. I am told all the trails are still covered with snow. It gets thinner way south past 1 and 9 and way north on 3 from Cement Ridge to Big Hill Lot. Getting to Cement Ridge is fine. Riders road up from Deadwood yesterday and Mt. Meadow (Deerfield Lake). They are saying that the trails are holding up from there as well. The temps are coming back down. We have a chance of snow tonight, Monday, Tues, Wednesday and Thursday of next week.

There will be a lot of traffic this weekend with the Snocross races in Deadwood this weekend. With all the traffic going in and out of here, the snow is getting pretty beat up as well. Groomers did go out last night.