The trails are looking really good!   I have been getting reports back from Game, Fish, and Parks as the trails are being inspected. We are told that the snow is at an average 8-12 inches, but 16-18 inches in isolated spots. You can get all the way south and north of us.  It is snow covered all the way to Recreational Springs and Mt Meadow. It does get thinner as you get that way, but it is ridable at this point.

Some riders have been out. They all have said that they were pleasantly surprised on how much snow was really out there.  If you have your own sled, you can go out on the trails before the 15th. You just have to stay off the private ground area. The trails officially open Dec 15, this coming Saturday. They most likely won’t be groomed until the afternoon of the 15th.  They usually go out around 2 or 3pm. Some trails have been groomed in places. We do have more snow in the forecast for this coming Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday and a few days the following week.  The forecast does change often, but our warmest day is going to be tomorrow with a high of 36, but partly cloudy and the temps are going back down to the 20’s and lower 30’s.

We do still have some cabins open during Christmas and New Years if anyone is interested.