Trails are still in awesome shape! The trails are groomed nightly and will be groomed through March 30th. They can’t groom after the 31st due to the leases expire April 1st for the trails that go through private ground. We will be renting our sleds through the 31st of March. If you have your own sleds, you can still ride after the 31st. You are supposed to stay off the private ground area after March 31st. You still need current tags or a trail pass if your sled isn’t update on your tags.

Temps will be up and down for the next 14 days, but warmer than it has been. It is supposed to be in the 20s and 30s and maybe a few days it will hit 40. The snow is not going to disappear anytime soon. We will make it through the season and possibly through April. More snow is in the forecast as well.

If you are interested, we will be selling our single sleds when this season is over. Leave your name and phone # with us if you are interested in purchasing any.