Trails are still holding up and are in really good shape up around Trailshead Lodge. The trails do get a lot thinner as you go towards Deadwood or HWY 385. It is still somewhat doable at this point to ride out of Deadwood, but not the best. It is better to ride out of Recreational Springs, White Tail Creek Resort, or Blackstone Lodge. I think Trail 5 is still ok. You can still go North to Cement Ridge, Spearfish Canyon Lodge and Big Hill Lot.  It is a little thinner up by Big Hill. You can go West to Buckhorn, Mallo Camp and south a long ways, it is getting thin at the very end of the trail system south. If you go to Mt. Meadow, it is best to take trail 9. I would avoid anything east of Dumont Lot. Riders did make it up to Flag Mountain yesterday, but trail 2 from there to Mt. Meadow is getting thin.

Snow is in the forecast yet for next week and the temps are staying down in the 20’s and 30’s and some in the teen’s.

We are booked from Dec 26th through the 28th. I do have some cabins opening up on December 29. We do have some openings for this weekend (weekend before Christmas).

You can check out our Facebook page with some pictures and Go Pro Videos that were filmed this week to give you an idea of what it looks like out there. I know people are having a hard time getting our Live Cam to come up.  It is because our only internet service is supplied through satellite and we have the biggest pipe they will supply us with, it isn’t that big. You get timed out if there are too many trying to get on. Just keep trying to refresh your page and eventually you will get on.  There are some people that keep it on constantly, so that is why others have a harder time to get on.