We all have been patiently waiting for the snow to build up.  Our ground is good and frozen and it helps hold our snow, which is an important factor! The trails officially open December 15. So, we should have good rideable snow by then. I will definitely repost before then if we get a good amount of snow to ride on.  If you have your own sled, you can go out on the trails before December 15. You still need to be licensed and if you aren’t, you will need to buy a trail pass. You have to stay off the private ground area until Dec 15.  You have more that you can ride on than you can’t up by us. You can’t get from Deadwood to us.  That is all private ground.  If there is rideable snow before Dec 15, just stop in and we will show you on the map where you need to stay off of.

Trail 8 has been moved.  I hear it is going to be a good trail. (trail 8 is south of us) It is scenic and has a lot of trees that will hold the snow.  It actually had more snow there than we had at the lodge.  We had about 4 inches on the ground about a month ago and there was about 8 inches on the new trail.  It seems to be that the pattern of snow fall has been more south of us than north again.  So,  hopefully we will be able to go all the way south and to every piece of the trail system like we were able to last year.

The South Dakota State Snowmobile Convention is this weekend, Nov 30 and Dec 1st at the Ramkota in Sioux Falls.  Hopefully many of you will be able to attend.

We have added a piece to our website.  We do have on line booking, if you would rather book on line.

We have added Sloppy Joes to our menu and Butterfinger Cappuccino’s.

We do still allow people to store their trailers here for a month or the season for a fee and you do have to fill out some paperwork as well. We are limited to a certain amount, so it is first come, first serve.  You need to stop in and tell us that you are interested.  We will tell you were you can park.  It depends on how long you plan on storing your trailer on where we have you park.

I will continue to keep our facebook page updated and this page as the snow continues to come.

Look forward to seeing you sledders again!