Trails are still holding up around us.  Anything east of Dumont Lot is in poor condition. High of 43 today, 51 and partly cloudy Wednesday, 46 and partly cloudy Thursday. Snow Thursday night, 1-3 inches. Snow Friday, 3-5 in the day, another inch at night. Snow on Sunday, 1-3 in the day and 1-3 at night. Temps will continue next week to be around the 30’s with more chance of snow the following end of the week.

It all depends on how sunny it is going to be in the next few days with these higher temps, that will determine how much snow we lose. We do have a good base, so hopefully it will hang in there.

We are still renting snowmobiles.  We may not rent this Wednesday or Thursday due to the higher temps.  It depends on how today goes.  We are taking reservations for the weekend and filling up for Saturday.  It will depend on how the week goes, if we can continue to send them out or not.