8-20-18 Fall Season

Fall is here.  It was 27 degrees at 5:30 this morning. The colors will start to change soon.  The peak time for the fall colors is usually the last weekend in September, if the snow doesn’t take the leaves down before then. So if you want to come out, you may want to come sooner than later, to make sure you can enjoy it!

We are still renting UTV’s. It is a beautiful time to go out in a UTV when the leaves are changing color and all the wildlife are moving around.

If anyone is interested, we are selling our 2 seater UTV’s this fall.  Call if you are interested….605-584-3464

Snow will be here before you know it.  If we get as much snow as we have of rain this year, it will be a record snowfall year!  Looking forward to it!!

UTV Rentals & Riding 7-12-18

The weather has been really good lately for UTV riding out here.  The Black Hills haven’t been this green in a long time! We are offering some 2 and 4 people package deals this year for one night stay in a cabin and 1 all day rental of a UTV.  Call 605-584-3464 if you are interested. We do provide laminated maps with highlighted suggested routes with all our rentals and we do sell the maps as well.

We are open if you would like to rent a cabin and bring your own UTV’s out. We have a large parking area for trailers.  You may park in the lot of the Lodge if you are staying with us and you are welcome to park and unload in the lot across the road from us if you are staying elsewhere.

Dry camping is available for $15 a night. We do have some make shift plug in areas with only 20 amp availability for $20 a night.

Our grill is on from 8 to 8. We have 91 octane and 87 with 10% ethanol on site.  Check out our prices, they are lower than anyone around us. Probably the lowest in the state as of right now.

We still have some cabins available for the Rally. We don’t raise our prices on ANYTHING during the Rally.

4-5-18 Great Spring Riding

The riding is awesome right now.  Even this April riding is better than it has been in years out here!  You get the best of both worlds right now, great temps and great fresh snow.  We have gotten 8 inches of new snow this week so far and supposed to get another 8 tonight.  The trails aren’t groomed anymore.  The leases through the private ground areas expired March 31st.  We can’t rent snowmobiles right now, but if you have your own sled, you can still go out and ride.  It is marked in white where the private ground areas are located, you need to stay off that area.  You can still do a lot of riding south, north, west and some east of us.  We still have plenty of maps here at Trailshead Lodge or you can download if from this website as well.  We are still open for gas, food, and lodging.

We did do some riding in the last 2 days and it was great riding.  It is only better now with the 5 inches of new snow that we got last night and it is still coming down.  I did post some pictures on our facebook page….Trailshead Lodge, if you want to check that out.

The markers are still out on the trails and some signs.  The maps that are located at every intersection are down and 2 of the gates are closed on Trail 3. If you want to stop in a visit about what you can and can’t do, feel free to.  You do still need a trail permit if your sled doesn’t have current or up to date tags.

3-31-18 Snowmobile Trails/UTV Trails

Today is the last official day that the snowmobile trails are open.  It still looks more like Christmas out there rather than Easter.  We have gotten 11 inches of new snow this week.  Riders are telling us that the trails are still good, mainly south and they are still off trail riding in places as well.  After today, if you have your own sled, you are still allowed to go out and ride.  You are supposed to stay off the private ground area, which is marked in white on the trail maps. You will be on your own.  The trails aren’t maintained after today nor will anyone be out there to help you, if you need it.

The UTV/ATV trails do not open until May 15.  We will not rent out our side by sides until then.  You can still call and reserve for the May 15 or anytime after that. We do provide detailed maps with suggested routes with our rentals.  We do sell these maps, if anyone else would like to purchase them. We also have the free forest off road vehicle maps here as well. We will not be selling the OFF road permits this year.  The Forest Service has changed their ways and has made it very difficult for us to do this.  I am not sure if there will be many others selling them as well.  You will have to buy them on line or stop at one of their sites that sell these maps. You can go to blackhillsparks.org to purchase these on line or find out where their sites are located at.  This is the website to go to find all the rules and regulations of your UTV/ATV.  It will explain about being licensed for a road and trails and how to get your off road vehicle licensed for road if it isn’t or if you can’t get it licensed in your state.  You can get a temporary pass or an actual license plate for here in SD. They can be purchased at any courthouse in SD.  The courthouse in Deadwood is probably the best place to go.  They are the most familiar with this and sell hundreds of these.

Have a great Easter!

Snow/Trail Conditions Update 3-22-18

The trails south of Trailshead Lodge and some north aren’t completely to dirt yet.  You can still take trail 1 all the way south to the end of the system. Trail 8, 11, 12B and all around Mallo Camp are good. 2A to 6 to 4 and back to us is good as well. 3 riders rode all the way to Big Hill Lot on 1 north of us and back down 3 to 3B to Trailshead.  That wasn’t bad as well.  It is 54 degrees here today. It is supposed to be 40 tomorrow with 70% chance of rain/snow tomorrow afternoon. Temps back up on Saturday and down on Sunday with 50% chance of rain/snow. Monday’s temps are going to be down with a chance of snow. Temps are going to be up and down next week with a chance of more snow on the weekend over Easter.

It is spring riding right now.  The snow gets pretty mushy in the afternoon. The snowmobile trails are open until March 31st. After that, it is at your own risk.  The trails won’t be maintained and you are supposed to stay off the private ground area.

The UTV trails don’t open up until May 15.

It has been great to see the winter riders and we look forward to seeing you again!!

Tuesday – March 13, 2018

Trails are still holding up around us.  Anything east of Dumont Lot is in poor condition. High of 43 today, 51 and partly cloudy Wednesday, 46 and partly cloudy Thursday. Snow Thursday night, 1-3 inches. Snow Friday, 3-5 in the day, another inch at night. Snow on Sunday, 1-3 in the day and 1-3 at night. Temps will continue next week to be around the 30’s with more chance of snow the following end of the week.

It all depends on how sunny it is going to be in the next few days with these higher temps, that will determine how much snow we lose. We do have a good base, so hopefully it will hang in there.

We are still renting snowmobiles.  We may not rent this Wednesday or Thursday due to the higher temps.  It depends on how today goes.  We are taking reservations for the weekend and filling up for Saturday.  It will depend on how the week goes, if we can continue to send them out or not.

Snow/Trail Conditions Update 3-11-18

We received 4 inches of new snow yesterday, which made riding a great day!  The temps were back down as well.  The trails and off trail are still in good shape up and around us.  Anything east of Dumont is pretty much in poor shape. Far as we know, everything else is holding up.  We are supposed to have about 3 days of 40 degree weather this week.  I think one day will be close to 50.  The temps are supposed to drop back to the 30’s and 50% chance of snow by St. Patrick’s weekend and continue with a chance of snow off and on through that following week.  That is what they are predicting for now.

Right now, riding is still good to really good up and around us. We are still renting sleds as well.  Trails will still be groomed through March 30th if there is enough to groom.

Snow/Trail Conditions Update 3-8-18

Trails are still in awesome shape and I am told that off trail is still very good as well.  It is supposed to be in the 40’s today and tomorrow and snow again Friday night and Saturday, with the temps dropping for a few days.  We did get 4-6 inches of new snow this past Monday.

It is supposed to be in the 40’s next week and then a good chance of snow starting the 16th through the 22nd and the temps are dropping then as well.

We might make it to the end of the season, which is March 31st.  The trails can be groomed up to the 30th.

Snow/Trail Conditions Update 2-28-18

The trails on and off are still in awesome shape!  If you have been wanting to come out to the Black Hills and ride, this is the year.  You can go everywhere on the trail system.  That isn’t always possible every year.  It has been in the 30s this week and we will have 2 days of the lower 40’s and then back down in the 20s for next week.  Snow is predicted for late Saturday night, Sunday, Sunday night and Monday. Another chance of snow the following Saturday thru Tuesday. I believe our season is actually going to make it to the end of March!

Snow/Trail Conditions Update 2-19-18

Trails are still the best they have ever been in the last 6 years or more.  Off trail is really exceeding as well. We got another 9 inches or more of new snow in the last 2 days.  The wind blew, so it is hard to tell how much we really did get.  The news said Lead got 12.5 inches.  The trees and meadows are filling in nicely. Riders are telling us that it is chest deep or more in places, off trail.  There is still more snow in the forecast and the temps are going to stay down in the single digits, teens, and 20’s for the next 15 days.  It is looking better and better for our season to last till the end of March or more.  It will take quite a bit to knock out this trail system.  There is a lot of snow out there!!

Check out our facebook page “Trailshead Lodge”, and look below our posts.  Riders have posted pictures of what it is like out in the Black Hills.