12-6-17 More Snow!!

7 more inches of new snow on the ground on top of the 12 inches we got 2 days ago.  Could get 5 more inches today and 3 tomorrow.  Supposed to be in the 30’s this weekend.  We have a chance of snow next week Monday through Friday. It is deeper in places due to the snow being blown around and filling in the trees and meadows.

Trails open on Dec 15th and won’t be groomed until the night of the 15th.  We won’t be renting snowmobiles until Dec 16th.

Snowmobile Season is Near! 12-4-17

We are getting off to a great start.  We got a foot of snow last night and more is on its way.  We have a good chance of snow through this Thursday.

The snowmobile trails don’t open until Dec 15th.  They are not groomed until the night of Dec 15th.  We will not rent snowmobiles until Dec 16.  You can call 605-584-3464 to reserve a sled and cabin if you like.

We are excited for our snowmobile season to begin.  Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!  We plan to be closed just for the day and be open the rest of the time.  We are very thankful for the little bit of snow that we do have, but are looking forward to a lot more!! We are hoping to be blessed this year with lots of snow!  We probably have 3 to 4 inches on the ground yet.  It is mostly in the shaded areas.  We have had 50 degree weather, but we seem to hold onto what we have left. The ground must be cold enough to hold on to it. We do have a chance for more snow tonight (11-20-17) and Friday after Thanksgiving.

We are getting new rental sleds this year.  They are still Arctic Cat Trail sleds.  The rental prices are still the same. There are pictures posted on the sled rental page.  The trails don’t open up until Dec 15th and won’t be groomed until the night of the 15th, depending if there is enough snow to groom. We won’t be renting our sleds out until the 16th, again depending on if there is enough snow.

Have a great Thanksgiving and we will be very thankful if we get some snow as well!

Snowmobile Season is Getting Closer

We are anxiously waiting for a lot of snow this year!  We are hoping for an early and longer season.  Call (605-584-3464) now to book your cabin and/or snowmobile rentals.  We are getting new sleds this year.  We still have some cabin availability for the end of December, between Christmas and New Years, if anyone is interested.  We have had some cancellations due to health issues.  We do have other availability throughout the whole winter season as well. If you know the dates you want to come out, don’t hesitate to call and check our availability for that time.

We are looking forward to seeing our Winter family again this year!!

UTV Riding/Rentals – Fall Colors

September is a beautiful month to rent an UTV and go UTV riding in the backside and inside of Spearfish Canyon during the change of the fall colors.  September has had beautiful weather so far and the leaves are starting to change.  More and more wildlife is coming out as well.  We provide UTV maps in our UTV rentals to give you a suggested routes to take to see the highlights.  Our rental UTV’s are licensed for road and trails.  You are legal to travel on both if needed. We also have cabins for rent and you can ride your UTV/ATV or our rental UTV right from your cabin.  We have a bar/restaurant on site.  Our grill is on from 8 to 8.  We usually open early and our grill is usually ready to go by 7:30 am. We have gas pumps on site to fill your UTV/ATV or vehicles.  We offer 91 octane and 87 octane.  The 87 has 10% ethanol.

We sell the Black Hills Trail Permits.  We also sell the same UTV maps that we provide in our rental UTV’s.  You can purchase them laminated or non laminated.

If you bring your own UTV/ATV and want to ride up in our area, you are welcome to unload in our lot across the road from the Lodge.  Of course, if you are staying with us, you can park in our lot by the lodge and be close to your cabin.

Rent one of our cabins and UTV’s for a great get a way from it all!

Sturgis Rally on the way!

We still have some cabins available during the Sturgis Rally.  They are starting to fill up.  We do NOT raise our rates during the Rally or in the summer.  Our rates stay the same year around.  If you are not staying here, please stop by and check out our Vendors that will be on our lot.  We have a variety of Vendors coming starting the Thursday (Aug. 3rd) before the Rally.  You can stop by and get a cold drink and something to eat.  We serve all 3 meals.  Our grill will be ready for breakfast by 7:30 am. We do have 91 Octane gas as well. We are on the Devil’s Tower Loop and an outside loop to Custer.  It is a beautiful ride out to us.

We are excited to see all the Bikers again!  We are anticipating a good turn out and a great time!  We are looking forward to meeting a lot of new people as well.  Ride Safe!

Exploring the Beautiful Black Hills on a UTV

Another beautiful day in the Northern Black Hills today and the forecast looks good through next weekend as well. Come and enjoy our beauty and clean pine air out here by staying with us and renting an UTV and exploring our area.  We provide a map with our UTV’s with some highlighted suggested routes for you to try.  Our UTV’s are licensed for road and trails.  The rental is from 8am – 5pm. We have a Bar/Restaurant on site, so you can start your day with a delicious home made breakfast. We have ice, beer, other beverages and snacks for sale for you to pack your coolers for your ride.

If you have your own ATV/UTV’s, we have a large area to park your vehicle and trailer. If you are staying with us, you can park close to your cabin.  If you are just coming for the day or weekend, feel free to park in the lot across the road from the Lodge. We do sell Black Hills Trail permits and trail maps that shows the area North of us on one side and South of us on the other side. They are the same maps that we provide with our UTV’s.

Hope you will come and see the best hidden secret in the Northern Black Hills.

UTV Season has begun! 5-15-17

Come stay and play with us!  You can rent a Side by Side from us or you can bring your own.  We have cabins available to rent as well.  We do sell the Black Hills Trail permits.  We also have our own UTV maps for sale that we have made up for our area.  You can get them laminated or non laminated. One side shows the area north of us and the other side is south of us.  Some routes are highlighted for suggested areas to see.

The Northern Black Hills is a beautiful area to explore.  It is the best hidden secret!  It has a lot of beautiful scenery and wildlife.  Our area is a great place to get away from it all.  It is very relaxing and far enough away from the busy areas and yet close enough to get to them as well. We are 3 miles from the WY border. We are not far from Red Butte or Devils Tower. We are a beautiful drive from the Spearfish Canyon as well.

If you only come out in the Winter time, the summer time is just as beautiful. You can still get to the same “destinations” as the snowmobile trails with our UTV’s, but some of the routes are a little different. You can’t take all the snowmobile trails.  It is fun to see what it looks like without snow.

Hope to see you soon!

Snowmobile Season 3-22-17

Looks like snowmobile season is over unless we get a major blizzard yet this spring.  This has been the shortest amount of snowfall since before 1987 or ever.  I only have records since 1987.  The season started early and was really good up to the first part of February and then it died fast!  We are moving forward and getting ready for the UTV season.  You can make your reservations now.  We won’t be able to rent our units out until May 15.  Our trails in our area don’t open up until May 15.  We will be selling the Black Hills Trail permits this year.  I am making our own UTV map that will show the north half on one side and the south half on the other side.  There will be routes that are highlighted, to give you an idea where to go. You can purchase one if you like.  I will have laminated and non-laminated maps.  I am not sure on the price yet until they are completed.  They will be printed soon.

Look forward to seeing everyone again soon and new customers as well!!


Snow/Trail Conditions Update 3-2-17

Trails are in pretty good to good shape going south of us.  You can get all the way to Mt. Meadow (Deerfield) right now.  We got some snow last night and again, south of us got more.  The trails going north are in poor condition yet at this point.  Off trail is good and very good in places going south. We are renting sleds this weekend.