Get A Way 7-11-19

The Black Hills is looking gorgeous this summer! We have gotten plenty of moisture, along with everyone else, that shows off the beauty in the Black Hills. The weather is straightening out and it has been beautiful up here, weather and scenery. Great time to get away and enjoy the beautiful Black Hills. We are in a great location to get away, relax and explore. You can do any of the 3 or all above. We have cabins to stay in and UTV’s to ride. You can bring your own as well. It is a great place to go motorcycling, dirt biking, or scouting for wild life. You can even hear the elk bugle in the middle of the night.

We provide detailed laminated maps with suggested routes to take in our rental UTV’s. We also sell the maps to others that already have their machines or need them to go hunting, camping, exploring, etc.

Call 605-584-3464 to reserve a cabin and/or UTV.

We still have cabins available during the Sturgis Rally. We don’t hike our rates during the rally.

This is a great place to have a family reunion and/or company get a-ways or parties. We do have a large banquet room for people to gather as well.


UTV Trails open May 15.  You can call 605-584-3464 to reserve your UTV rental with us. We have detailed, laminated UTV maps of our area for sale. We provide the maps with our rentals.

Snow/Trail Update 3-24-19

The end of the season is getting closer. Our parking lot and Lodge lot is a muddy mess at the moment. Riders are telling me that the trails are holding up and it is still deep off trail and they are still finding some untouched snow, which is surprising! We are going to have 2 warm days on Tuesday and Wednesday with 46 degree temps. Temps are dropping on Thursday with a chance of 3-5 inches now. Temps are suppose to stay down in the 20s and 30s starting Thursday through the first week of April. The snow is still chest deep off trail, in some places. Most of the trails are still 3 to 4 feet deep.

It is spring riding right now. The snow is sugary. Maybe we will get one last blast to finish the season off. The trails haven’t been groomed for a week due to the warm temps. They can’t go back out after the 30th.

Snow/Trail Update 3-18-19

We received 30 inches of new snow last week. Groomers are still working on all the trails, getting them in awesome shape. Temps will be in the 30s through Wednesday, low 40s Thursday, Friday,  Saturday and back in the 30s for the following week. More snow in the forecast for the last weekend in March. The trails will be groomed through March 30th. We will be renting through the 31st. We will have plenty of snow to finish the season.

We will be selling our 2018 Arctic Cat Lynx Trail Sleds after the 31st. If anyone is interested in purchasing one or more, call 605-584-3464 to give us your name and credit card information to hold what you want. They are $3500.00 each.

Snow/Trail Update 3-14-19

We received 2 feet of snow yesterday and through the night. The drifts are 3 to 5 feet or higher. The groomers are planned to go out tonight. It is going to be awesome riding Friday and through the weekend. The temps will stay down in the 20s and 30s. The temps are predicted to be in the 40s later next week. We do have some chances of snow for later next week and the first part of the last week in March.

The trails will not be groomed after March 31st.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our 2018 Arctic Cat Lynx Trail Sleds after the 31st of March, call and leave your name and phone #.

Trail/Snow Update 3-4-19

Trails are still in awesome shape! The trails are groomed nightly and will be groomed through March 30th. They can’t groom after the 31st due to the leases expire April 1st for the trails that go through private ground. We will be renting our sleds through the 31st of March. If you have your own sleds, you can still ride after the 31st. You are supposed to stay off the private ground area after March 31st. You still need current tags or a trail pass if your sled isn’t update on your tags.

Temps will be up and down for the next 14 days, but warmer than it has been. It is supposed to be in the 20s and 30s and maybe a few days it will hit 40. The snow is not going to disappear anytime soon. We will make it through the season and possibly through April. More snow is in the forecast as well.

If you are interested, we will be selling our single sleds when this season is over. Leave your name and phone # with us if you are interested in purchasing any.

Snow/Trail Update 2-21-19

Trails are in awesome shape!! You can get to every part of the trail system. We received 8 to 12 inches of new snow last weekend (President’s Day Wkd) in the surrounding area. It has been chilly. Today is a high of 20 and Saturday as well. We are predicted to get 1 to inches today through tomorrow, 2 to 4 inches on Sunday, 1 to 2 inches on Monday and 1 to 2 inches on Tuesday. Temps are going to stay down in the single digits and teens for the most part of the next 14 days.

We will be selling our single 2018 Arctic Cat Lynx trail sleds at the end of the season.  If anyone is interested in purchasing any, give us a call  (605-584-3464) and we will take your information and get a hold of you at the end of the season.

Snow/Trail Update 2-10-19

Trails are in awesome shape. You can get everywhere on the trail system. The trails are groomed nightly. We received 8 inches of new snow last week. They are predicting 4-6 inches this coming Thursday. We have been in the 20’s and will continue that for the next 14 days. We do have a few days in the 30’s as well.

Governor’s Ride is this Saturday. Presidents Day Weekend is generally a busy weekend to go snowmobiling.

Snow/Trail Update 2-6-19

Trails are in awesome shape! You can go to every part of the trail system right now. The average depth on the trail system is 3 to 4 feet deep, packed down. The temps are going to be down today and tomorrow. They will be back to the 20’s for the weekend. Snowing now, could get 2-5 inches from today through tomorrow. Trails are groomed nightly. The snow is the best it has ever been in a long, long time!