3-5-2020 Snow/Trail Update

Snow is still awesome out there. We still have a LOT of it!! We got 2 to 3 feet last week and 5 inches of new snow this week. It is going to be in the 40’s Friday and Saturday and the down again in the 30s for a few days. More snow in the forecast for St Patrick’s weekend. Looks like a good amount right now, but that can change 7 times before then.

When you have to unbury the trail markers, you know there is a lot of snow out there. The riders are still telling us that it is awesome riding. We should be able to make it through the end of the season, which is March 31st.

02/26/2020 Trail/Snow Update

We have been blessed with a lot of new snow. We received 18 inches of new snow here at Trailshead from Monday to Tuesday and up to 30 inches or more northeast of us. We are to get 2 to 5 inches tonight into tomorrow. The trails are in awesome shape. There is a lot of snow out there!! More snow in the forecast for next week as well. Temps will be warmer this Friday (37) and Saturday (41). Last weekend it was 42 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and didn’t do much for damage. All the tracks have been covered up. It is like a new playground out there.

Just a heads up, both of our plows are down, we are in the process of fixing the them and trying to buy a new one, at this point, the lot across the road from us is NOT plowed, but people have been able to get in and out of there yet at this point. There is another lot a mile down the road across from Hardy Guard Station if you would like to park there.

2-18-2020 Trail/Snow UPdate

Trails are still in awesome shape. They got a little rough over the weekend with all the traffic, but we received some new snow, 3 plus inches on Sunday night into Monday, which helped to repair them. We are supposed to get more snow today and into tomorrow and possibly a big system moving through next week. Temps in the 20s this week and into the 30s over this coming weekend. We have gotten 2 feet of snow since Feb 3rd.

2-11-2020 Snow/Trail Update

We were predicted to get 1 inch of snow yesterday (Monday) and ended up with 5 inches of new snow. We have a chance of 3 to 6 inches tonight (Tuesday) through Wednesday. Temps will be in the teens and 20’s. So far, Saturday looks beautiful with a high of 23 and mostly sunny for the Governor’s Ride. Chance of more snow Friday, Sunday and Monday.

The trails are in awesome shape! They are still groomed nightly. All the riders can’t believe how much snow we have!

2-8-2020 Snow/Trail Update

Another 5 inches of snow on this past Thursday. 3-6 inches is predicted for today through Sunday morning. More snow in the forecast for everyday through next Wednesday. Temps will be in the upper teens and lower 20’s. Trails are in awesome shape and groomed nightly. All riders tell us that they have never seen this much snow in a long time and it is awesome! No one is complaining other than being exhausted.

We have gotten 12.5 feet throughout our season so far. We are 4 feet ahead of last year at this time and last year was a good year.

2-4-2020 Trail/Snow Update

We received 6 inches of new snow yesterday. That makes around 15 inches of new snow in the last week. It is still snowing lightly and supposed to snow through Friday. Temps will be in the teens and 20’s. More snow in the forecast for next week as well.

Viewers have been frustrated with our web cam. It is working. This is the glory of living off the grid. It is on satellite internet. It is on the biggest data program we can purchase for it. It usually only lasts part of the month and then the speed drops dramatically, that is why it won’t come up. When you do get the image to come up, please don’t keep it open all day long, it eats the data up. Be courteous and look at it and then back out, so we can save the data throughout the month. The data will be renewed here this week sometime.

If everyone could help us and encourage our governor and/or representatives that we need fiber out here, our internet would last longer and we would be able to share it as well. With no cell service out here and unable to share our WiFi, because there isn’t any to share, it is a huge public safety issue. We have contacted more than one cell company to offer free land for a tower, and have expressed the big public safety issue, but we get no response.

1-30-2020 Snow/Trail Update

We have been blessed with another 6 plus inches of new snow in the surrounding area, today. The wind blew pretty hard, so it is a lot deeper in places. It is going to be great riding this tomorrow and Saturday! It will be 37 tomorrow (Friday) and 42 on Saturday. The temps are going back down on Sunday, I believe a high of 18 with more snow. There is more snow in the forecast for more than one day next week as well. The temps are going to stay down.

1-28-2020 Trail/Snow Update

4 inches of new snow last night. 1 inch was predicted. More snow in the forecast for this week and more next week. The temps will NOT be in the 50s and 60s like Rapid City is predicted to get. We may get some 40 degree weather over the weekend, but it our trails and snow will be fine up here. Our ground is good and cold that we hold our snow and by the time the temp gets to its high, it is coming right back down again. It gets cold here real fast once the sun starts to set.

Don’t panic if you don’t see good snow until you get to Lead or past Lead. Once you start to climb to us, you will see plenty of snow! We are 4 feet ahead of last year at this time and last year was a good year.

Trails are groomed nightly.

1-26-20 Snow/Trail Update

The trails are still in very good shape! They are groomed nightly. We did not get into the 40s this weekend. We stayed in the 30s and will continue that along with 20 degree temps. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and next week as well. If you are traveling from a long distance, don’t panic when you get to Rapid City. You may not see good snow until you get to Lead or past Lead. We are another 1400-1500 feet higher than Lead. We have a lot of snow, don’t worry.

1-22-2020 Snow/Trail Update

4 inches of new snow fell today, Wednesday, the 22nd. We were supposed to get half an inch, but were happy to get the 4 inches. We needed some fresh powder to freshen up the on and off trails. They were beaten down pretty good over the holiday weekend. More snow in the forecast for this week and the next. Temps will be in the 20s and 30s.

Snocross event in Deadwood this weekend.