1-12-2020 Snow/Trail Report

The snow is still awesome here and so are the trails! They are being groomed nightly. We just got 7 inches of new snow in the last 2 days. There is more in the forecast as well. No complaints from riders. They are all saying that they have never seen this much snow this early in the season.


The trails are still in great shape! Still being groomed nightly. More snow on the way for tonight and through tomorrow morning. Our coldest day will be next Wednesday of a high of 1, otherwise we are pretty much in the 20’s for the next 14 days.

1-3-2020 Snow/Trail Update

We received 6 more inches of new snow yesterday. Possibly a little more in places. Trails are groomed nightly. We have just as much snow on the ground now as we did last year by the beginning of March and last year was a good year.

We are still looking for more seasonal help if anyone is interested. We need help with the rentals, housekeeping and working in the kitchen. If you are interested in doing more than one of these jobs, you will get more hours. Call 605-584-3464 for any questions or just stop by and apply.

12-30-19 Snow/Trails Update

12 to 20 plus inches of new snow fell yesterday in our surrounding area. More snow in our forecast for New Years Day and Friday the 3rd. Temps will stay down in the 20’s. Trails are in great shape and groomed nightly.

12-27-19 Snow/Trail Update

Trails are still in very good shape. They are being groomed nightly. Snow in the forecast. The predictions change daily. We could get up to 9 inches according to NOAA. The temps will be in the 20’s. We have a chance of snow everyday through Jan 10th as of the predictions now.

Trail 7 is getting a little thin between Mystic and SteelWheel. Flag Mountain is thin yet as well. North of Trailshead has more snow than south yet at this time. Otherwise, the trails are the best they ever have been this early in the season.

12-23-19 Snow/Trail Update

Another 40 degree day, but no sun, so we saved our snow. Trails are still really good and groomed nightly. Temps are supposed to start going down and snow in the forecast yet for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and around New Years. Haven’t heard any complaints from the riders, only good things.

12-22-19 Snow/Trail Update

Another 43 degree day with no sun, so no snow damage. The snow is still in great shape. Another 40 sum degree weather tomorrow with very little or no sun again and then the temps are supposed to go back down with snow in the forecast for Christmas and New Years Eve.

12-21-19 Snow/Trail Update

It was 43 today, but cloudy, so no snow damage. Tomorrow is going to be in the 40’s again, but cloudy. It takes all day to get to the high point and then it is coming back down as fast as it gets to its high point. The sun starts to go down by 3 pm and dark by 4:15 pm, so the warmth doesn’t have enough time to do any damage right now. The temps will continue to go down after tomorrow. Snow is still in the forecast for Christmas and the temps will be in the 20’s next week.

12-17-19 Snow/Trail UPdate

The snowmobile trail system is in awesome shape for this early in the season. The snow is great throughout the trail system except for Flag Mountain, which is normal and it gets a little thin going into Mt. Meadow. The groomers are going out nightly. Tomorrow will be our warmest day of around 40 and then back down into the 20’s and teens. Snow is predicted to come around Christmas Day and some after.

12-10-19 Snow Update

Another 7 inches of new snow fell over Sunday night through Monday. The Snowmobile trails officially open this coming Sunday. The trails will be groomed starting in the afternoon of the 15th. Temps are going to stay down in the 20’s and 30’s for the next 10 days. Snow is in the forecast for this coming weekend as well.