Snow/Trail Update 1-27-19

Trails are in awesome shape!! We have gotten about 20 inches of new snow in a weeks time and it is still coming down.  We are supposed to get another 3-6 inches tonight and another 2 inches tomorrow and more in the forecast for next weekend. Temps are going to be up and down from the single digits to mid 30’s for the next 14 days.

Snow/Trail Update 1-22-19

4 inches of new snow last night. I believe north of us go more like 6 to 7 inches or more. Trails are groomed nightly. Trails are in awesome shape all around us. The only ones that are questionable are 7 and 7C by hwy 385. Riders were still coming up from Deadwood last week. They said it was spotty, but doable. It is fine riding out of Lead. It should be a lot better now down by Deadwood with this new snow.

Good chances of 1-2 inches of new snow everyday through the end of the month. Temps are going to be down in the teens and 20’s for the next 14 days.

We had a cancellation for a 3 queen bed cabin this weekend, so if anyone is interested, call 605-584-3464 to reserve.

It is Snocross Weekend in Deadwood this weekend.

Snow/Trail Update 1-17-19

Trails are still in awesome shape. They are still being groomed nightly. Our temps are staying down in the teen’s, 20’s and lower 30’s. Not sure on the snowfall amount for this weekend, but it looks a lot better starting the 21st through the end of the month. Hopefully the forecast will stay true on what they are predicting. I don’t want to say any amounts or it won’t happen.

The  Annual Rusty Nutz Vintage Show and Ride is this Saturday the 19th held in our lot across the road from the Lodge. There is also a Veteran’s Ride going on Saturday as well.

Snow/Trail Update 1-14-19

Trails are still in awesome shape up around us. They are still being groomed nightly. High of 37 today and then the temps will continue to drop to the teens by Friday. Today they are forecasting 3-6 inches of new snow for Thursday and Friday. More snow in the forecast starting the 21st thru the 28th with the temps staying down.

There is a Veteran’s Ride this coming Saturday and the Rusty Nutz is putting on their yearly Vintage Snowmobile Show and Ride.

Snow/Trail Update 1-11-19

We received another inch of new snow last night and it is still snowing.  It didn’t get as warm yesterday, as they predicted. It was mostly cloudy as well, so it didn’t do any loss of snow damage. Groomers went out last night. Temps are going to stay down. More snow in the forecast for the 17th and the 20th thru the 25th. That is the forecast as of now.

Yes we still have snow! 1-10-19

It is supposed to get to 42 degrees today and snow tonight. Temps are dropping again into the 30’s and 20’s for highs. Snow in the forecast for next week and the following week. Many call and ask and don’t understand how we can still have snow when they hear of all these high temps. I will explain why. We are 4000 feet higher than Rapid City and Spearfish, 1500 feet higher than Deadwood and 1200 feet higher than Lead. We have a foot or more frost in the ground, which helps hold our snow. The lower elevations don’t have that deep of a frost line and it is hard for them to keep their snow.

The trails are still in great shape all around us. The trail system is all designed around us. You can still get to Lead, Mt. Meadow, Cement Ridge, Big Hill Lot, Spearfish Canyon Lodge, and Buckhorn. The trails are still being groomed nightly.  You can’t groom trails if you don’t have snow.

I have posted pictures on our facebook page and so have riders. You can go to our facebook page….Trailshead Lodge and make your own decision on how much snow we have and if it is good enough for you. I keep our facebook page updated on the trail/snow/temp conditions along with this page.

We have had many riders here from many states, because of the lack of snow in WI, MN, and MI. They are very impressed with our trail system and the snow. I have only heard good things from riders and no complaints. Some are going off trail and not having any issues and some do have issues. It is always a gamble out here. You have to be smart, a good rider  and good luck, to not have any issues.

Snow/Trail Update 1-7-19

Trails are still in great shape up around us. They are still being groomed nightly. We received another 2 inches of new snow last night. Temps are going to be up and down for the next 2 weeks. A couple of 40 degree days and the rest are 20’s and 30’s. We did hit 42 degrees 2 days last week, but we are still doing just fine for the snow on the ground.

Snow/Trail Update 1-4-19

Trails are still in awesome shape. They are being groomed nightly. Temps are going to be in the upper 20’s and 30’s off and on for the next week and a half. Chance of snow on Sunday and another front coming in next week.

We aren’t having the higher temps like Lead, Deadwood, Spearfish and Rapid City.  It was 45 degrees in Rapid City yesterday at 6 am and 18 up here. That is the temperature difference around here.

Will try to post some pictures on Facebook today or tomorrow as well.

Snow/Trail UPdate 1-1-19

Happy New Year Everyone!!  The trails are in awesome shape right now. We ended up with around 8 inches or more of new snow and some places, like Spearfish Canyon Lodge and Mt. Meadow ended up with 10 to 12 inches, I have been told. They needed more snow in those areas as well.

Trails are groomed very nice!  Our groomers do an awesome job!!

Snow/Trail Update 12-27-18

We have gotten 4 inches of new snow and it is still coming down. We are supposed get at least another inch today and 2 on Sunday and more in the forecast for next week. Trails are in great shape up around us. They get a little thin towards Deadwood, Big Hill Lot, and way south. Not sure how it is getting into Mt. Meadow yet. I haven’t heard. Trails will be groomed tonight and every night through the weekend. Temps are staying down as well, in the teens and 20’s.


Check out our facebook page if you want to see some videos and pictures of the past few weeks when everyone around us was getting 50 and 60 degree weather. We were still holding our own.