2-8-21 Snow/Trail Update

We received 12-20 inches of new fresh snow in the surrounding areas of us, over a course of the last 4 days from the last system that came through. Groomers were out all weekend and are going out tonight as well. I have been told that all the trails were groomed. Temps are staying down for the next 14 days.

2-4-21 Snow Update

Supposed to be getting a good storm coming in starting today around 3 pm through Sunday. Will keep you posted on the amounts when it is done. We did get a half inch last night to freshen things up. Temps will be in the teens and single digits for about 10 days, starting Saturday. Won’t see the 20’s until Wednesday, the 17th, but that is subject to change.

1-27-21 Trail Update

The trails are still being groomed. We are renting our sleds. More snow in the forecast for next week.

You can get to Lead from us, everything north of us is good. You can get as far as 9 south. It is very thin getting into Mt Meadow, advise to go across the lake to get there. You can get to Deadwood, but it is pretty thin right now. Hopefully after next week, this will all change.

1-19-21 Snow/Trail Update

6 – 12 inches of new snow over Sunday and Monday’s storm. Groomers are going out tonight. Another system possibly coming through this weekend and next week.

The meteorologists are saying that the Jet Stream is finally moving and will hopefully continue to bring us moisture.

1-13-21 Snow/Trails Update

The Groomers went out last night to repair the trails before the snow comes. Snow in the forecast for the next 13 days, starting tonight, as of right now. It changes daily, but Sunday and Monday look real promising right now. We are renting our snowmobiles. Call the Lodge to reserve.

1-3-21 Current Trail Conditions

We are still renting sleds. The trails are getting rough in places due to no grooming until we get some fresh snow. Snow is in the forecast for Tuesday, a little on the weekend and more next week. You can still go all directions from us. Not enough snow to get to Mt Meadow, Lead, Deadwood, or Mystic Hills, but you can do the rest that is closer to us.

12-24-2020 Groomed Trails

We received a foot of snow Tuesday, Dec 22nd. The trails were groomed the night of the 23rd. We are sending out our rental machines. We are open everyday but Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to all!! Come enjoy our White Gold Christmas present! More in the forecast for this weekend and next week.