September is a beautiful month to rent an UTV and go UTV riding in the backside and inside of Spearfish Canyon during the change of the fall colors.  September has had beautiful weather so far and the leaves are starting to change.  More and more wildlife is coming out as well.  We provide UTV maps in our UTV rentals to give you a suggested routes to take to see the highlights.  Our rental UTV’s are licensed for road and trails.  You are legal to travel on both if needed. We also have cabins for rent and you can ride your UTV/ATV or our rental UTV right from your cabin.  We have a bar/restaurant on site.  Our grill is on from 8 to 8.  We usually open early and our grill is usually ready to go by 7:30 am. We have gas pumps on site to fill your UTV/ATV or vehicles.  We offer 91 octane and 87 octane.  The 87 has 10% ethanol.

We sell the Black Hills Trail Permits.  We also sell the same UTV maps that we provide in our rental UTV’s.  You can purchase them laminated or non laminated.

If you bring your own UTV/ATV and want to ride up in our area, you are welcome to unload in our lot across the road from the Lodge.  Of course, if you are staying with us, you can park in our lot by the lodge and be close to your cabin.

Rent one of our cabins and UTV’s for a great get a way from it all!