For all of you that already have your own ATV/UTV’s, is a great website to visit to find a variety of trails/routes in the Black Hills. That site is very informative and shows maps that are marked out for you to find interesting sites. You are able to print the maps off as well.

If you stop in and visit us or if you rent from us, we will be happy to show you on a map as well where you are able to go and see beautiful country and wildlife.

We also have gas, food, on/off sale beer, and cabins available on site. If you are bringing your own UTV/ATV’s, you are welcome to unload in the lot across from us. Same place where all the snowmobile trailers park and unload in the winter.

Your ATV/UTV will need to be licensed for a road if you are driving on any of the forest roads or highways. You can get your ATV/UTV licensed or get a temporary license at any courthouse in South Dakota. The Black Hills Trail permits are available to be purchased on line through the Black Hills National Forest Website. Anyone under 18 years of age needs to wear a helmet as well.

Our rental UTV’s are licensed for road and trails. We provide helmets as well.