It is supposed to get to 42 degrees today and snow tonight. Temps are dropping again into the 30’s and 20’s for highs. Snow in the forecast for next week and the following week. Many call and ask and don’t understand how we can still have snow when they hear of all these high temps. I will explain why. We are 4000 feet higher than Rapid City and Spearfish, 1500 feet higher than Deadwood and 1200 feet higher than Lead. We have a foot or more frost in the ground, which helps hold our snow. The lower elevations don’t have that deep of a frost line and it is hard for them to keep their snow.

The trails are still in great shape all around us. The trail system is all designed around us. You can still get to Lead, Mt. Meadow, Cement Ridge, Big Hill Lot, Spearfish Canyon Lodge, and Buckhorn. The trails are still being groomed nightly.¬† You can’t groom trails if you don’t have snow.

I have posted pictures on our facebook page and so have riders. You can go to our facebook page….Trailshead Lodge and make your own decision on how much snow we have and if it is good enough for you. I keep our facebook page updated on the trail/snow/temp conditions along with this page.

We have had many riders here from many states, because of the lack of snow in WI, MN, and MI. They are very impressed with our trail system and the snow. I have only heard good things from riders and no complaints. Some are going off trail and not having any issues and some do have issues. It is always a gamble out here. You have to be smart, a good rider  and good luck, to not have any issues.